General help pages

Who is the target group of the platform?

The education portal (BiP) is the main plattform for teachers, students and parents. Compulsory schools and federal schools can access many functions and applications through a single log in to the education portal.

What features are offered by the education portal?
  • Single-Sign-On
  • Overview on all school specific applications
  • Official digital signature of documents
  • Official notifications

What is the personal news digest?

All schools, regional education authorities and the Ministry of Education can publish news articles in the education portal. Depending on the school affiliation users of the education portal get an overview of all contributions relevant to them. In addition, this personal news digest can be downloaded as an RSS feed in a suitable feed reader and retrieved automatically.

Is there an Education Portal App for Smartphone or Tablet?

Yes, the education portal mobile app is available in the App Store and the Play Store. Additionally, the portal is designed with a responsive layout, making it fully functional on smartphones and tablets when accessed through a web browser.

Can I use my Google or Microsoft Account to log in to the education portal?

For now, it is not possible to use your Google or Microsoft account to log in to the education portal.

I forgot my password, how can I reset my password?

Resetting the password depends on the login method and your user role in the education portal. The password either needs to be reset by the login provider or in the education portal.

How can I change my personal information like the email address?

Please contact your school to update data in your personal profile.

Our support team

If you need help, please do not hesitate to contact us through any of the possible channels.