The interface between WebUntis and the education portal enables the WebUntis timetable to be displayed as a widget in the education portal dashboard.

Show example of widget Example of timetable widget

Activation of the education portal in WebUntis

The WebUntis administrator needs to activate the education portal in WebUntis so that the two systems can exchange data. Follow the instructions published by Untis to activate the education portal:
How to activate a platform application in WebUntis .

Displaying the individual timetable

To display the individual timetable in the education portal the external Id field in WebUntis needs to be filled in. Open Master Data > Teachers in WebUntis to fill in the SAP employee ID and Master Data > Students to fill in the Sokrates ID.

WebUntis administrators need a master data set for their account so that the external Id can be filled in and the individual timetable can be displayed in the education portal.

Teachers - External Id Students - External Id

Display WebUntis widget in the education Portal

To display the WebUntis widget in the education portal, you have to activate WebUntis in Applications of the widget School information. For more information on managing applications see
How to simply manage applications for your users

If this activation fails, please contact and let us know which school and WebUntis instance is concerned.