Contents of the manual:

  • Data maintenance notes for the prerequisite for using the edu.digicard

Background information: The issuance of the edu.digicard is always possible if the pupil/inner data match the data status of the Central Melderegister ("ZMR"). Also other school e-government services, such as official report card, electronic confirmation of school attendance, participation in the education portal, etc., are only possible for these students or The data in the ZMR must match the data of the parent or guardian of the student.

The current information is intended to ensure that in the organizational preparations for the 2023/24 school year, data maintenance can also be the data maintenance, especially when creating new students, can be well prepared and planned.

Please ensure that the student master data collection for the current school year 2023/24 is completed by the time the edu.digicard goes live is completed in Socrates on September 18. (shortly, a new instruction from the company Bitmedia on "Address data maintenance in Sokrates" will also be will be published. You will find this in the usual place with the other instructions on Socrates.

Ensure the correct address type

Each student must have a valid "Own" or "Own Authorized" record at the addresses.

Caution: No duplicate "own" records!

Specify address type

The fields shown in red must be filled in correctly in any case (in addition to salutation, first name and last name).

Enter address

1. Capture of legal guardians:

For electronic access to e-government services offered by the school administration by legal guardians or electronic delivery each legal guardian must be registered as a separate person in the school administration. It is also necessary to enter the date of birth, zip code, city and municipality of the legal guardian, city and municipality of the legal guardian are necessary. Therefore, please note the following when maintaining the data of the legal guardians:

  1. Die Erziehungsberechtigten sind getrennt ein zu pflegen, daher kein "Thomas und Michaela Mustermann" oder "Familie Thomas Mustermann" in den Namensfeldern.
  2. The same applies to the spelling of names for students and guardians (see point 3)

The correct address type must also be selected when entering the addresses of the legal guardians:

For instance: Example for address type Mother

The Socrates flag Educated regulates, for example, the master data comparison for the start of the school year and is mandatory in order to transfer the data to the school administration register and subsequently to the education portal. data into the school administration register and subsequently into the education portal.

2. Name spelling exactly in accordance with the ZMR

When entering the names of students or legal guardians, all first names and surnames must be entered in exactly the same spelling as on the registration certificate (ZMR extract).

Caution: No abbreviations, no omitting or changing names or parts of names!

From the beginning of the school year 2023/24, you will be provided with a tool (Eco-Admin for edu.digicard issuance - instructions here), which will only identify those not found in the ZMR. Only these records will then need to be processed in the school administration system according to be edited according to:

  1. In the case of multiple first names, all names listed in the ZMR are to be used:
    "Karl-Heinz" does not correspond to "Karl Heinz" and does not correspond to "Karl" or "Heinz", "Jennifer Samantha Musterfrau" does not correspond to "Samantha Jennifer Musterfrau" and does not correspond to "Jennifer Musterfrau" or even "Samantha Musterfrau".
  2. Diacritical marks must be entered exactly as they are used in the ZMR extract. Table for diacritical marks:
  3. In the case of ZMR entries based on foreign identity documents in which the first name and surname are not exactly specified, both names are entered by the registration authority in the ZMR in the first name field and in the surname field. This must be taken into account when maintaining the data and must also be entered twice in the school administration. The BMBWF is working on a function that will make this duplication of names in the ZMR correctly legible again when used on documents (e.g. certificates).

3. Automated data correction reporting from the education portal

As of September 18, an edu.digicard application by students and guardians is available on the education portal. Persons who register register in the education portal via ID Austria, but could not be assigned to the school or their children due to a lack of bPK assignment in Sokrates Bund, can trigger an automated e-mail to the school in question via the education portal. The school is selected according to the edu.digicard applicant and is automatically sent to the school e-mail address stored for the respective school in Schulen-Online. for the respective school.

The school receives an e-mail directly from the education portal with the verified ZMR spelling of the names and the date of birth, which only have to be corrected in Socrates. only need to be corrected in Socrates if necessary.

Caution: this function is only intended to correct the spelling of personal data that has already been entered or to add the date of birth. Under no circumstances may new persons be created as legal guardians without further verification. The check as to whether someone is a legal guardian and to create a new one is the responsibility of the school, as it has been up to now.

Sample of such mail service from BIP for changing person master data in student management:

Example of email with data correction request